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This website is about finding sexual happiness in a loving (heterosexual) relationship - the issues that prevent it, the kind of communication that nurtures it, and the secrets of those who are lucky enough to have it.

Kim Marshall, an educator living in the Boston area, has been doing research and writing about this subject for more than 40 years. His book, The Great Sex Secret, is what many lovers have been looking for - a frank discussion of why sex is so often disappointing (especially for women), what some lovers through the ages have discovered, and why mutual satisfaction is the key to keeping passion alive in long-term love relationships.

On this website, you can check out the table of contents and some reviews of the book; learn about the charity to which all royalties will be donated; take a survey (anonymous, of course) on the key issues raised by the book (and see up-to-the-minute results); and read Kim's blog, in which he comments on articles, books, movies, and plays and invites readers' responses.

Enjoy - and pass the message along!